Gallery A Walk in the Woods

Falling in love with Ohio all over again in the spring sunshine.

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An Author at a Con

James Young is guest posting at the Mad Genius Club today, writing about what is entailed in being an author-vendor at a con-of-size.  The first thing a person should do in order to prepare for any event is do some research.  For instance, if you look through previous news...

Cop Tales: Three Reviews

One of the fun things about having Kindle Unlimited is that I can test a new author without too much commitment. And on days when I’m feeling under the weather, a disposable book I don’t have to think about is handy, and convenient if I’m not at home with...

Random Nibbles

Here’s a little, there’s a little… I’m head down in a research project at the moment. I’ll share this weekend. For now, I have a round-up of (mostly) food related articles for my readers to peruse. Food Anthropology Lengthy and interesting article on food, people, and the interconnections.  We...


I’ve been taking pictures of bees, butterflies, wasps, beetles, and more for years now. What do they all have in common? They are pollinators of flowers large and small. Many of my photos are of honeybees, but pollinators are a diverse group.   by Like this:Like Loading...

Fan Writers

As readers of this blog already know, I was nominated for the Hugo Awards as a fan writer. Firstly, the eligibility for this is defined: The Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer is the Hugo Award given each year for writers of works related to science fiction or fantasy which...

Egads! It’s Late

#cooking #recipe I’ve whiled away the day with errands, computer repairs (the real reason the post is so late) and suddenly it’s dinnertime. I know it happens to you, too, so here’s a fast and elegant recipe for those sort of nights when you’re not wanting a peanut-better sandwich,...


Quote Crimination

Next in importance to personal freedom is immunity from suspicions and jealous observation. Men may be without restraints upon their liberty; they may pass to and fro at pleasure; but if their steps are tracked by spies and and informers, their words noted down for crimination, their associates associates watched as conspirators – who shall say that they are free? Nothing is more revolting to Englishmen than the espionage that forms part of the administrative system of continent despotisms. It haunts men like an evil genius, chills their gaiety, restrains their wit, casts a shadow over their friendships, and blights their domestic hearth. 

– Sir Thomas Erskine May, 1863

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