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Free Ebook!

I’m making Twisted Mindflow, a collection of 17 short stories, flash, and oddballs, available for free download. Whether you’re a fan and interested in the evolution of my writing mind, or you’re new to...

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Myth-Busting: Daddy Longlegs

As my readers know, I do hang out on FB, with all the pitfalls that entails. I really enjoy the ability to instantly interact with friends and family that live around the globe. It’s...

Artwork from this week - Passing Through the Fly Gate. Created with Apophysis 7X and Photoshop 2

In the Briars

I made a comment on facebook the other day about how much fieldwork I have in classes this semester, and a week ago tomorrow I took a long ramble in the woods armed with...

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Crossing the Line

James Young is guesting over at the Mad Genius Club today with a post on lines authors should think hard about before crossing, and it’s a lengthy but worthwhile read. “Y’all talk about torturing...

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A few insects to contemplate

I’m off to classes. I think today we are talking about invertebrate embryology, so I decided to put up a few of my recent ‘captures’ while bug hunting.

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The Invisible Tether

This morning as I made the rounds of the house, waking children, helping them find things, tucking notes into pockets… I noticed that I had a shadow. Everywhere I went, the dog was. She...

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Lemon Cream Cheese Thumbprint Cookies

These have long been a favorite with my children, in no small part for the kinetic molding method (what kid doesn’t love to stick their fingers into cookie dough?) and because they are nearly...

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Third Annual Indie Author Sale

reblogged from the Mad Genius Club. If you already own the book, then this is a reminder to write a review! I’d like to thank Amie Gibbons for pulling this together. Between school and...

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Grist for the Mill

As a writer, I find that if I am not constantly feeding my brain, the creative well will run dry. Right now, life has been busy enough that even with school starting, the brain...

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When Chaos is the New Normal

The human mind likes routine. We complain about being bored, but when allowed, we tend to do things in the same way. For some people, routines are more important than others. For children, they...

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Popular Science Fiction

As I was sitting in my first class yesterday listening to my professor introduce himself, I had two thoughts. One, this is going to be a fun class. Two? well, that was spawned by...

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