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Apple Brown Betty

I do a lot of apple recipes. There are a couple of reasons for that: one, they are my First Reader’s favorite fruit (except maybe blackberries) and two, they are relatively cheap, easy to...

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All Creatures Great and Small

I was blessed, growing up, to be allowed to have pets, and to take part in caring for the varied livestock we had while I was growing up. I got to have, as a...

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Caffeine in Coffee

  Abstract: This report focused on the determination of the caffeine in coffee brewed at home, as analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography and calibrated against a known caffeine standard calibration curve. The coffee...

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The Days you Don’t write about

As a writer, there are parts of my character’s lives I just skip over. I want to focus on the changes, the action, the crises and triumphs. The days of waiting, or just plugging...

Kitchen at the boat camp. 1


There’s a dog at the neighbors making a noise. When I first heard it, pre-coffee and still half-asleep, I walked to the back door and only realized it wasn’t our girl wanting in out...

Wood cookstove 1


I’m off to math class, and may post later, but really, I’m rather pleased with the essay I wrote on socks last week. You can find it at According to Hoyt today. I had...

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the dilemma of being human

If you’re interested in details on the new store my site has, and how to set one up yourself, I did a report on it for the Mad Genius Club.  On a much more...

Solace in the pines painting 4


I’m exhausted. I have class. So I’m going to leave this piece of artwork here for today. I painted this last night, free-form, and just let the brush go where it wanted.

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Raindrops on Juniper

My mother’s favorite song (one of them) from her favorite movie is My Favorite Things. When I posted a photo I’d taken yesterday to facebook, asking her to show it to my sister Juniper, I...

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Review: Son of the Black Sword

I was talking to a fellow writer the other day about whether or not there is a market for a ‘thinking man’s fantasy.’ We were specifically talking about that sub-genre, Sword and Sorcery, the...

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Deep Breath

I’m plunging into another whirlwind week of work and homework. This weekend got very busy, and unfortunately blog updates will continue to be irregular – I’m just running out of time. I’ve had to...

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